In short: Hell Yes!

Here’s why. I’ve grown tired of unscrewing and screwing my spin-lock dumbbells that I have had for over a decade now and half the time I can’t even find the weight disc I am after as it’s either slid under my bed or cupboard or being used as some kind of makeshift book weight. For sure, they served me well, especially in the beginning when there really was no alternative to having a quick workout in your bedroom in front of the mirror – sometimes just before you were going out on a night out (we’ve all been there) but I’ve grown up now. I need something more convenient to use, easier to handle and most importantly, something that doesn’t get lost and is very easy to store.

Hello Adjustable Dumbbells! These BadBoys truly are the answers to anyone who has experienced the same frustrations that I have and also is not fortunate enough to have space in their home for a whole rack of them or mini gym.

The Adjustable Dumbbells are super easy to use – just twist the dials on both sides to your desired weight level (there are 15 settings ranging from 2kg to 24kg) and lift! Voila! Super Easy, Super Quick and Super Versatile! In under 7 seconds I am able to change the load whereas previously it would take around a minute. How’s that for convenience?!

Furthermore, they are incredibly compact and so can be stored and tucked away out of the way and…there’s no risk of any of the discs getting lost due to the smart mechanics.

If you want something that is very convenient to use, takes up very little space and offers you flexible strength- training options allowing you to increase your strength gradually from the comfort of your home, garage or even garden then the G3T Lean adjustable dumbbells might just be for you.