Adjustable Dumbbell | 25kg | (Pair) with Bench

Upgrade your home workouts with this incredible adjustable dumbbell package from GTLN. With a full set of 10 individual weights in one handy pair as well as our heavy-duty incline/decline bench, you'll be getting the same powerful performance of high-quality gym equipment from the comfort of your own home! 
  • Get all the benefits of a full set of individual weights in one convenient pair of adjustable dumbbells
  • 10-in-1 design with the same performance as an individual set, perfect if you're limited on space
  • Easily adjust the weight of the dumbbell set up to 25kg in 2.5kg increments, ideal for all abilities
  • Made of durable molded cast iron, giving you years of superior weight training to come
  • Compact design, perfect for home use or transporting to enjoy workouts everywhere you go



Adjustable dumbbell sets are a great addition to any home gym, giving you the freedom to swap between different weights to intensify a whole variety of exercises. The problem is, they're often bulky and cumbersome, monopolizing a large area and reducing your available space for other equipment. Thankfully, these nifty adjustable dumbbells hold an entire 10-piece set in just one pair of weights, giving you tonnes more space and allowing quick weight changes on the go – perfect! 


It's never been easier to set different weights: simply turn the dial to your desired weight and let the dumbbells do the rest! Once your weight is selected, the dumbbells automatically select the correct weight plate to lock into place, eliminating all the hassle of weight setting for the easiest workout ever. 


The weight increases in 2.5kg increments, so no matter your strength, ability or workout requirements, you can select the perfect weight to suit you. 


Made of a hardwearing and durable molded cast iron, these dumbbells are built to last, giving you incredibly versatile workouts for years to come. 


The small compact design is perfect to tuck into your gym bag to take your workouts wherever you go (from the park to the beach and more), and its multipurpose design allows you to change from heavyset weight training to lighter weighted cardio in an instant! What more could you want? 


25kg Adjustable Dumbbell Specification

> Select from 2.5kg up to 25kg in increments of 2.5kg (5.5-55lbs)
> Replaces 10 individuals dumbbells
> Weight settings: 10 (2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25kg)
> Easy selection dial: for quick and easy weight changes
> Anti-roll shape weights
> Durable plates: strong cast iron metal plates for extra durability
> Maximum weight on a single dumbbell: 25kg


Our V1 Adjustable Weight Bench is solid and sturdy. With 14 backrest positions and 3 angled seat positions, you can adjust it to the exact position required. The bench holds up to 260kg. Ideal for home gyms.


Bench Specification

  • 14 backrest positions including incline and decline
  • 3 Angled Seat positions
  • Premium, Angled Pads
  • 300kg Max User Weight & All Metal Finishes
  • Heavy Duty Frame 
  • Premium finish