GTLN Squat Rack and Barbell Weight Plate Bundle - Home Starter Pack

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Our home starter pack is perfect for those with limited space and provides all you need to squat bench press, and much more.


GTLN V1 Squat Rack.

Perfect for squats and bench press


Material: Steel
Colour: Black + Red
Max Load Bearing: 250kg
Adjustable Height: 83-163cm /32.68"-64.17"(appr.)
Adjustable Width: 75-100cm /29.53"-39.37"(appr.)
Overall Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 100x57x163cm /39.37"x22.44"x64.17"(appr.)


90kg Package


  • Olympic Barbell 
  • 4x 15kg Bumper Plates 
  • 2x 10kg Bumper Plates 
  • 2x 5kg Bumper Plates 
  • Pair of Safety Collars 

150kg Package


  • Olympic Barbell 
  • 6x 15kg Bumper Plates 
  • 4x 10kg Bumper Plates 
  • 4x 5kg Bumper Plates 
  • Pair of Safety Collars