GTLN SE 7FT 20kg Black Olympic Barbell -

SKU: OB20001black

Our goal with the GTLN Barbell was to design a piece of equipment that matches the performance and quality of other elite-level competition bars while making it durable and affordable enough to be an everyday barbell for any athlete or gym.

The result is a strong, smooth, and precise barbell that can take a beating and still perform like a bar that costs three times as much. The GTLN Barbell is ideally suited for benching, squatting, and deadlifting along with Olympic weightlifting movements.

Medium depth knurl gives good grip without tearing up your hands, perfect for anyone undertaking high repetition functional workouts and weightlifting.

With a 209,000 PSI and 300KG max load rating, the GTLN Barbell will provide all of the strength you need in your heaviest lifts.

Through our development processes, we have created a seriously versatile barbell that will suit all strength training methods. The microgrooves on the sleeve of the barbell will ensure that loaded plates stay tightly in place during your lifts, and are firmly secured on the barbell by a solid snap-ring lock system.

A combination of needle and ball bearings in the collars creates a smooth, reliable spin, while bushings set inside the inner and outer ends of the collar protect those bearings from heavy, repetitive impacts. The whip on this barbell will be a normal level while offering sufficient stiffness for the heavy powerlifting movements.



  • Length: 7ft (213cm)
  • 2 x Olympic Collars - Included
  • Brass Bearing Rotating Sleeves
  • Weight: 20kg (44lbs)
  • Max Weight Limit: 320kg (705.5lbs)
  • 2-inch diameter for Olympic plates
  • Suitable for most home gym requirements with chromium-plated solid steel construction